The cultural difference between Mexicans and Americans

America is a new nation which is built mostly from immigrant population. People from different parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia have settled here. So, you would think that the cultures vary widely. Well, it is not

Introspection is the Key

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ― C.G. Jung The power of introspection is often underestimated. However, introspecting on a regular

Our Different Realities

Reality is different for different people because we all experience life differently. Our faith, choices, desires, and longings are based on multiple parameters of individual and social existence. Human beings experience major emotions such as love, lust,

Carnival, Culture and Masks

In several cultures across the world, carnivals are a major representative tool of history. In carnivals, there is a solid tradition of wearing costumes and masks. People can hide their real identity and take the form of

Evolution and Consciousness

In the world of religion and spirituality, there exists a completely different dimension that is called evolution and consciousness. A very small portion of the entire planet is acquainted with the theories of evolution and consciousness, actually.

An Inherent Need for Identity

Human beings have an inherent need for identity. We are all social animals and in social setups, identity plays a definite role in positioning your status. Religion, culture, and nationalism are all a way of assigning an

Art and Spirituality

Spirituality is all about connecting with our spiritual selves. It involves delving deeper into our emotions and knowing our ultimate truths. Quite often, human beings fail to understand themselves. This is because after being given birth, it

Understanding Cultural Conditioning

Cultural conditioning is a way of describing how the culture we grow up in shapes our understanding of the world and life. A lot of people grow up without the knowledge or understanding of cultural and mind

Religion and Spirituality

Religion is a fascinating thing even though it has its ups and downs. Initially, religion was used as a tool to understand human condition. It sought to answer a few inherent questions. Everybody dealt with a range