In this website, you can read informative and summarised researches on religion and spirituality conducted over the years. Religion and spirituality mean different things to different people, and here you can read a comprehensive list of several faith systems. The intricate purpose of religion and spirituality is to have a greater understanding of the self, and the people around us. However, over the years there have been instances of complete misunderstanding of religion, and clearly there are several noticeable problems. On the basis of several researches and scientific analysis, the psychological problems pertaining to religion and spirituality have been laid out.

Many scholars aim to understand the underlying effect of cultural conditioning. Our need for religion and spirituality roots from our inherent need for identity. Identity is the major wheel of religion and faith. Why are there certain cultures that celebrate identity by putting on masks?

In this website, you can read about religion, spirituality, evolution, identity, and consciousness. There is a complex web of questions and theoretical frameworks surrounding these topics, and despite that these topics are as old as planet Earth, human kind is still in a quest to find a meaning in the greater scheme of things.

Science rejected the concept of religion and god for quite a long time, but now scientists try to assess it from the psychological viewpoint. As a matter of fact, science did come before religion, and religion is largely a system based on geographical frameworks. Read on to find out more.