Art and Spirituality

Art and SpiritualitySpirituality is all about connecting with our spiritual selves. It involves delving deeper into our emotions and knowing our ultimate truths. Quite often, human beings fail to understand themselves. This is because after being given birth, it is so easy to go with the flow of the existing societal conditions. People try to follow the benchmarks of society and ignore their inner callings in the process. It requires a lot of courage to look within ourselves and reveal our true desires to ourselves. Spirituality simply means having a thorough awareness of oneself.

Since art brings an individual closer to their inner feelings, art and spirituality are deeply connected. Have you ever though why do you feel so good when you listen to certain kind of music, or why do some paintings make everything stand still for a moment? Art has a strong element of connectivity, it reveals the hidden beauty within us. When we find ourselves capable of feeling such beautiful emotions, we are simply overwhelmed by the entire experience.

Several religions of the world are filled with beautiful art, writings, and religious architectures that directly touches our souls. Every religion and culture have specific musical instruments that vibrate to such inspiring frequencies and sounds. It is truly marvelous.

Art is closely associated with our spiritual well-being, and therefore all over the world, art is used as therapy to treat patients suffering from depression, mental illness, and anxiety. All the mentioned diseases occur because of lack of self-love and awareness. Art helps us in developing a healthy sense of self and teaches us to embrace each and every element of ourselves including our flaws and mistakes. This is the main function of spirituality too — complete acceptance of the self. Spirituality and art teach us to stop creating resistance within our self.