Evolution and Consciousness

In the world of religion and spirituality, there exists a completely different dimension that is called evolution and consciousness. A very small portion of the entire planet is acquainted with the theories of evolution and consciousness, actually.

Evolution and ConsciousnessAccording to quantum physics, everything on earth is moving form of energy. Energy created Earth, and energy can never be destroyed. Energy just changes its shape and form all the time. We are all by-products of moving energy and so are the stars, meteoroids, and several other planets.

Come to think of it, these theories are quite fascinating. It says that we are all part of one big consciousness which means that we are all connected to each other through our consciousness. Consciousness is the basis of evolution.

In psychology, our mind is described as conscious, unconscious, and sub-conscious. If one is able to get in touch with their sub-conscious mind, they can truly operate their mind. This means being aware of our each and every thought. It means getting in touch with our source: our consciousness. Thoughts are considered as energy too. If you connect the dots, everything pertinently falls into place. The consciousness also eradicates the illusion of separation of mind and body among other things.

Looking at life and death through the lenses of consciousness is rather exhilarating because then everything that you see around yourself has energy in it. Be it trees, oceans, rivers, wind, flowers; everything is alive and has a force of energy in it. It does give you a feeling of being in complete alignment with life forces. Many scientists claim that you automatically feel so good in the company of nature and natural surroundings because it has the same level of energy as you.

Many researchers are in the process of completely validating consciousness as our source, and some already have.