Introspection is the Key

Introspection is the Key“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
― C.G. Jung

The power of introspection is often underestimated. However, introspecting on a regular basis can help one solving more than one problem.

Trace the Negative Patterns

Introspection helps us in diagnosing negative emotions and energy lying within us. Once you identify the nature of negative emotions, it becomes easier to get rid of them.

Look at the Larger Picture

Introspection helps you in de-trapping yourself from small and trivial matters, and enlarges your vision to look beyond the picture. Most of the time, human beings get immensely caught up in day to day life, and forget the larger picture. There is more to life than everyday routine.

Overthinking and Worrying

Introspection helps you in achieving a clarity of mind which will hep you in cutting down your overthinking and worrying traits. It is the extreme confusion that leads to overthinking and worrying, and if you introspect enough you can find your way out of the complex cobweb of confusion.

Freedom from the Fears

Fear is the biggest culprit in de-motivating you and bringing your self-confidence down. If you introspect enough, you will realise that fear is the biggest illusion of all, and moreover it stops you from following your dreams. Your mind can be your biggest enemy if you let it.

In touch with your Inner Callings

The biggest benefit of constantly introspecting is that it puts you in touch with your inner dreams and desires. We live in a society where we are always encouraged to know and understand others. In this process of social expectations, we tend to forget to get in touch with ourselves. Introspect and know yourself, it is the truest privilege of all.