Our Different Realities

Reality is different for different people because we all experience life differently. Our faith, choices, desires, and longings are based on multiple parameters of individual and social existence. Human beings experience major emotions such as love, lust, anger, satisfaction, humour differently, and this has a lot to do with the major influences we have had while growing up.

Our Different RealitiesFor example, a child that has been continuously bullied by his classmates in his school will experience self-esteem in a completely different way in comparison to the popular kid. In such scenarios, we all need to posses the skill of empathy and sympathy to understand background of diversity of thoughts and perceptions of people.

We should often encourage people to practice authenticity for the collective growth of the humanity. When people are in perpetual state of identity and emotional crisis, they have a tough time expressing their thoughts and emotions. Such a sense of self-doubt leads to a feeling of alienation and isolation. In a new researched data, migrated people are more prone to depression because they have a tough time adjusting in a new way of life wherein they have to explain their worth as a foreigner to every native citizen.

No religion or culture is larger than life, and instead of distinguishing people on the basis of their faith, we should rather learn to see them as people with different realities and accept them with an open mind.

Our learned behaviour and constant cultural conditioning creates a psychological barrier in accepting realities that differ from ours, but with a bit of conscious effort we can shed our conditioned mind and adapt a whole new one.

Shared understanding of diversity of people and their expectations from life helps us all in living a harmonious life free of discrimination and unconscious biases.