Religion and Spirituality

Religion and SpiritualityReligion is a fascinating thing even though it has its ups and downs. Initially, religion was used as a tool to understand human condition. It sought to answer a few inherent questions. Everybody dealt with a range of questions like: what happens after death; what is right and wrong; and what is the meaning of life. Religion was a quest to determine the true value of a human life. To do so people created art, books, scriptures, customs and rituals, which in fact go back to as far as six thousand years.

Today, there are so many religions operating across the world. Each religion has a great history of coming into existence. However, each religion has the same purpose — to act as a guiding light in human lives.

It is necessary to understand that in scriptures religion means a completely different thing than what people tend to make of it. Religion never meant propagating violence, commanding authority, and propagating superiority. None of the existing religions in its core principle preach violence. However, a bunch of people use religion to create a division among people so that it is easier for them to rule and govern.

Religion and Spirituality

Religion and Spirituality have the same purpose but a different way of execution. Spirituality teaches us to seek everything in our internal world, as in it lies the divine light of the self. Religion, on the other hand, is a way believing in external sources to keep the cycle of faith running. Some people also argue that religion was necessary for civilisation, otherwise humans would never give up their animal instinct.

In conclusion, it is better to leave each to its own. Forcing people to adapt a certain way of life is rather morally wrong, and everybody should be able to make decisions for themselves.