The cultural difference between Mexicans and Americans

America is a new nation which is built mostly from immigrant population. People from different parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia have settled here. So, you would think that the cultures vary widely. Well, it is not so simple as cultural diversity. America was built on the concept of freedom as the core value, and this is exhibited all across the USA. Freedom of speech, in the way of living and accepting different kinds of people and putting humans above religion, are some of the highlights. This is the difference between the USA and surrounding nations.

shutterstock_283348745Close but different : Mexico and America

Mexico and America share the borders but as far as culture goes they are far apart. Spanish which is spoken in both the countries has a different tone of pronunciation in both countries. You can get the details on The family is the priority in Mexico, and all things are done for the family. In America on the other hand, freedom is primary, and work takes precedence over family. The truth is a relative concept in Mexico and diplomacy rules, while in America truth is straightforward and absolute. Personal attire is given preference over performance in Mexico while in America it is the other way around.

Nationalism concept is also different

In Mexico, nationalism is about remembering the history and remembering the dates of important events. Mexico tops as the place with the most number of public holidays in the world. There are too many holidays, and the result is that people do not like to show up for work. There is much emphasis on celebration. You should see the Day of the Dead celebration to understand it. In America, nationalism is about being patriotic and trying to make the whole world free. The Americans call it the American way of life where every individual has the freedom to express thoughts without colour, religion or cultures being a road block.