Understanding Cultural Conditioning

Cultural conditioning is a way of describing how the culture we grow up in shapes our understanding of the world and life. A lot of people grow up without the knowledge or understanding of cultural and mind conditioning. The fact is that since the moment you are given birth, your mind is shaped by your family, friends, school, universities, media, and so on. Cultural conditioning is directly proportional to your personal development. Every thing that you interact with (tangible or intangible) has an influence on your thoughts and the way you perceive your life.

However, cultural conditioning isn’t a completely positive phenomenon. At times, mind conditioning creates a blockage in your own development of the mind and body. There are several stereotypes in our society, and often they act as a negative catalyst in determining the reality.

Awareness of your Cultural Conditioning

At times, human beings fail to see the larger picture because of the cultural conditioning. In such circumstances, a thorough awareness of the agents influencing your thought pattern can actually help you in developing an evolved way of thinking that is untouched by your acquired biases and favouritism.

MindfulnessAn effective way to look past your cultural conditioning is to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is the act of being completely in the moment by being conscious of your every thought and action. Use mindfulness as a tool while making decisions and don’t allow your cultural background to narrow your vision.

A lot of people have an inherent desire to travel the world just to see the naked truth with their own eyes. Travelling the world is a beautiful way to get rid of cultural conditioning because when you meet people from around the world while participating in their way of life, you understand that all species need love and peace.